Magic Wind

Once upon a time, there was a wind. But it was not just a wind; it was a magic wind that could make your biggest dream come true. Of course, he was looking for good-hearted people and their dreams.

One grandmother had a cherished childhood dream. She wanted to be a dancer all her life long. But her life was full of hardships and even in her white-haired age, she could not realize it. She did not care about the style of dance. The most important thing for her was a dance with a good partner and all her soul forces.

One late evening, while walking in a park she noticed one old couple dancing a fast foxtrot.  Old granny shed a few tears, “Oh My God, I wanted to dance all my life, nevertheless…” The gusty wind overheard the words of the old lady and suddenly a bearded veteran looking man came closer to her and offered to join the dancing couple… He picked up grandmother and twirled her in a wonderful waltz movement, slowly turning it into a terrific tango. The grandmother had so much power of unfulfilled childhood desire that after that moment, she just did not want to leave the dancing ground. They danced the whole night long, and the night after that…the whole week…the whole year…Soon they started living together…

This magic wind can help anyone if your thoughts are neat and noble. So, clean your soul and your dearest desires will come true.

With kind heart, even your smallest steps could lead to big results.

With simple and sensitive soul your dreams turn into reality.

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