Magical Santa’s Jacket

Is there a movie-theater in Lapland?

With only three days remaining to Christmas, all people looked forward to this funny and fascinating holiday. As for Santa and Mrs. Claus, they decided to relax like usual people, recall their youth and go to the largest movie theater. Why not?

Like everyone, they left their fur coats and jackets in a wardrobe and went to enjoy one of their favorite films “Home alone.”

At this time in the huge and luxuriously decorated wardrobe appeared a petty thief.  It was  Gapster,  an angry half-pint man with a shabby brown beard. He couldn`t stand children with their eternal screaming and playing, idling and frolicking. The roly-poly pickpocketer adored bright clothes, and Santa’s red jacket was the brightest. So, not thinking a lot, he just stole it, chuckling with a sly smirk some dirty song.

Usually, the humpty-dumpty thief sold all stolen clothes but this red jacket he decided to leave for himself. It was so warm and wonderful.

Why the Jacket is Magical?

“It was a magnificent time, dear!”Mrs. Claus said happily.

“Agree with you, my darling. We’ll come to the second part tomorrow,” Santa hugged his sweetey wifey emotionally. “Please, I would like to get my jacket,” he addressed to a wardrobe woman.

“I can’t find it. It has just disappeared!” she whispered in despair.

“What?! I need it! My wife needs it! All children around the world need it!” Santa raised his white eyebrows showing that he was furious as never before.

Santa’s jacket is not a usual thing. It is a magic thing. Without it, he just loses a lot of his superpowers. He can’t call his reindeer, can’t fly, can`t cast spells, and make all children`s wishes come true. And the main thing — he can’t shout loudly his “HO-HO-HO” on the whole world!

“We must return it at all Christmas costs!” Mrs. Claus took his hand decisively and went to the movie-theater exit.

What About the Stumpy Stealer?

Gapster was tossing and turning around all night long. He didn’t sleep a wink and thought about his miserable life. Firstly, the thief reminded all his sins, all evil deeds he did, all people whom he offended. What else, he heard thousands of children’s voices in the head and they asked him to bring small and big presents on Christmas and New Year’s Day. He thought he had already gone nuts.

After a handful of insomnia pills, he managed to take a nap. In the dream, he saw one sturdy grandfather with a very long white beard.

Gapster woke up immediately and went to the bathroom. Having looked in the mirror, he screamed loudly. There was the same grim-looking Granddaddy.

It looked like a nightmare full of thrilling horror scenes but this Granddaddy was so familiar.

The roly-poly man came closer to the mirror and noticed a little boy playing cheerily with his Grandpa. He kept a so awfully familiar toy in the hand – Santa Claus. The little boy kept on saying, “When I grow up, I will become a big-hearted and sweet-tempered Santa!”

Gapster shed a tear. It was his story.

“Hi, Gapster!” Santa said.

“Who are you?” the humpty-dumpty man asked.

“I’m an owner of this smashingly stylish red jacket.”

Gapster was frozen, “Wow! What are you about? What jacket?”

“Santa’s jacket!!!”

Gapster looked at him and wondered, “Are you Santa? B-b-but you are unreal, I know it…”


“No-no, I don’t believe in you, I’m an adult man,” Gapster started waving his hands.

“Let’s check it out. I know your small secret what you told only me every night before New Year. Do you remember?”

It was like a bolt from the blue. Gapster gazed at Santa, “What secret?”

“You’ve always dreamt to present your granddaddy a black mustang. He adored horse racing where he had a favorite – black mustang Ken. You were a good boy. I don’t know what’s happened to you.”

“He still adores him…Stop! How do you know it? Are you a real Saint Nick?”

“Finally! You’ve understood it! And now you must save the New Year! You have the jacket that gives me superpowers!”

“Can I become a Santa`s assistant?”

“Yes, you can become my aide, though, it isn’t easy. A thief can’t turn into a hilariously happy Kris Krinkle. Father Christmas is a kindhearted man who adores people, especially children.”

“I will be better, I promise,” the half-pint man opened his wardrobe with stolen clothes, went to the police station and confessed all his small and big crimes. On Christmas Eve policemen were choosing gifts for their kids and were kind as never before. They let Garper go home but warned strictly that it was the last time.

The stump man was amazed at such amity and altruism. While going home, he heard the yummy kids yelling. He came closer and saw them playing, singing and waiting for Santa’s presents. “PRESENTS, PRESENTS, WHERE ARE OUR PRESENTS?!”… They won’t receive them because of his greediness and bad luck.

“I must save this holiday!” Gasper said decisively.

Children stopped crying and looked at a lonely run-down humpty-dumpty man.

“HO-HO-HO! Merry Christmas!” The eyes of Gasper got sparkling with some unexplained spiritual force. “You will get your presents! Dear children! HO-HO-HO! I am an assistant to Santa! Trust me!”

Mission – to save the holiday

Shabby bearded Gapster came home and looked at his big mirror,

“Santa, I know for sure that I can help you. I’m so sorry. It’s my fault! I really didn’t want to commit so crafty crime! My life was like a grey sky with blurred black clouds. It was so dim and difficult. I didn’t like people, they were always irritating me. But now I changed and I don’t want to cause them any pain. I want just to max out and to save this holiday!”

“Well, Gapster. You’ve understood your mistakes. You’re a good man. Put on my jacket, stand up and go! Take this instruction and follow it. I believe in you! I believe in Christmas! Just do it!”

“Thank you, Santa. I’ve never heard such words.” And Gapster did it! He saved that Christmas! He gave presents to all children in his neighborhood and even spent all his money on the kids lying in the hospital placed in the most remote corner of the city. And he really made people happy.

Dream Job

“Well done, Gapster, “ Santa smiled through a slightly foggy mirror.

“Thank you so much, Santa! It was my dream. And now, I’m so happy!”

“Уou seem to have lost your way but now found it at long last.”

“You’re right. I did not know where to go and what to do in my life full of labyrinths and puzzles.

“I like you. Really. And want to help. Would you like to be a Santa’s aide?

“What is it?”

“I will take you to Lapland before Christmas. You will help me with packing presents and reading letters together with my smart elves. Also, you will have a special mission – to guard my jacket so that it will not be stolen again,” Santa said with a smile.

“Of course, I know how to deal with any crooks and to protect the property. Undoubtedly, I will help you!”

“But all Santa’s aides are kindhearted people. Are you ready to be always the same good one?”

“Yes, I promise!”

“Okey, I will have been keeping an eye on you the whole year. HO-HO-HO!”

Dreams Come True

Next morning Gapster woke up from a buzzing phone call,

“Who is it?”

“It’s me, grandson!” shouted his Grandpa. “Thanks for your present.”

“What present?”

“Spotted Mustang in my yard! The same one I told you…do you remember? It’s here! Thank you, my dear. Forgive me, please. We were slightly unjust with you. Come to visit us. We miss you and we love you, our shorty!”

“I will. I’m sorry too. I love you too!”

Happy End

Our Gapster’s life really changed. He turned over a new page – made up with his family and even became a teacher. In school, he met his future wife. Soon, they will have a son.

Due to Santa, Gapster understood that he always needed family support. Now, he got it. He’s happy!

Every morning he comes closer to the mirror and pronounces,

“Thank you, Santa! I’ll be a worthy helper. I love my life, my wife…and will never forget your HO-HO-HO.”

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