Man Caught a Goldfish…

(viral story)

On April 12, 2022, the info space of Ukraine exploded with the news, “Medvedchuk was caught.

He was allegedly escorted by his colleagues to the Ukrainian border near Moldova, accompanied by his colleagues. There he was to be transported by a boat to Transnistria, where an evacuation group of FSB agents had already waited for him. But Ukrainian counterintelligence has done its job and Ukraine got a very valuable prisoner.

This event gave the ‘green light’ to Ukrainian meme creators. Within an hour, a large number of memes with a captured politician appeared on social networks. In a hat, with a book, between two dictators — net users dived immediately into them. At once, the public resonance has almost shifted the focus from the war, but we remain in line.

It is very gratifying that people in the comments who “pity” Medvedchuk and ask to release him compose not more than 2%. He is a criminal who must be punished. Memefication only improves the mood of those who has felt exhausted this month. I guess that Vasyl’ Stus is proud of us and retweets our jokes from the heaven.

Laughter prolongs life, friends, let’s smile!

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