Manicure is Girl’s Face

One fine day I decided to entertain myself and went to a new manicure master just for variety. The glamour girl was just starting out in the Nail Salon business, so her price was affordable, especially for students. 

The ‘marvelous’ master worked as fast as a tristful turtle.  Her movements were as graceful as those of an injured polar bear.  Besides, I was so enthralled while listening to the juicy intimate details of the personal life of the fledging fancy femme.

The work was completed in almost two hours and at long last I saw the final result.  The Master boasted that it was her best work, that my nails were just breathtakingly beau-pretty-tiful!  As for me, I didn’t share that joy.  When I sent a photo of my manicure to a friend, she appreciated it with the words, “What a beauty! I want that to myself too! You can write me down right now!”  I appreciated her sarcasm and almost cried out in disappointment.

If anyone wants, no problem, I can give the contacts of this ‘magnificent.’  Trust me, you will remember such manicure procedure for the whole life…  Now I go only to the proven manicure masters.

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