Mankind riddle. Does life exist outside the Earth?

This issue has been of concern to people for a long time. There was a time when it was an acute topic and the first signals into space were something exciting, but now this interest has become less because of years of silence.

Humanity does not know whether there is life on other planets and does not know for sure how it itself ended up on Earth. One of the most popular assumptions is self-birth theories and panspermia theory. The essence of theoretical guesses is that life on Earth has been revived by the transfer of living beings from one planet to another. It`s a pretty logical theory, but what happened to those who brought us to this planet? Why don`t we know anything about them? Why did they just disappear?

Each theory answers part of the question, ignoring new emerging questions to which there is no answer. There are both plausible theories and funny ones, but who knows, maybe, a funny theory will prove true. After all, how many ridiculous statements for mankind, such as “The Earth is round” but those turned out to be true.

Some questions are not allowed to be answered now, just as with the “round Earth” at a time when humanity has realized the “round Earth” but has not yet understood why and how it can be round. Yes, some questions will be answered soon, but some may not be answered.

No one knows how many planets in the galaxy, we still discover new stars and new planets, and what there is, we discover all kinds of new space bodies and spaces, or perhaps it is better to say “find”… Thinking logically, it is not difficult to conclude that life does not end on the covers of the Earth. If we are human beings, why not live on other planets? Scientists have proved and discovered that some planets contribute to gravity and that there are all conditions for the birth of life. And considering just only the planets that fit us, how many planets can actually have a life? After all, it is not a fact that other forms of life require the same conditions as us.

They can live far away from us, so we won`t notice them with our technology, Or may live quite close that we can quietly consider their planet, But they live either underground or know how to mask their presence from other people`s eyes, Or maybe they`ve already set up the entire planet so that we feel like it`s soil, But that`s actually what their buildings look like from space. Such variants can be a whole set.

So far, there is no publicly available data on the alien life found, but a lot of people are sure that the time will come and we will finally get confirmation. The more technologically developed mankind, the greater the confidence in the existence of other forms of life in space. At the same time, we can reach such a level that we can safely completely scan planets even in other solar systems and when it will be, and if we do not find living beings, then the hope that we will find someone will fade.

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