Masks and People

How do masks alienate us from those around us? This is not an article about the psychology of images of this or that person. This is a story about real masks made of wood, plastic and so on. How exactly do we begin to feel when we hide our face behind a mask? Are we becoming someone else? Does it give us freedom or, on the contrary, closes in its castle of thoughts?

Let’s look at some of the behavioral reactions of people when they put on a mask. The mask can be anything from a simple white face to a menacing grimace. But what sensations it brings, now we will reflect.

First, let’s take a look at the behavior model: “Freedom.” People do not see your face; your voice is not so clear and legible for them. You may feel like you’ve become a completely different person. For example, without a mask, you are calm, maybe even a shy person. However, when you put it on and meet new people, you seem to be able to afford to be playful, charismatic, and so on. Could it be that in a normal state you simply do not perceive such a model of behavior specifically for yourself. It’s up to you to decide.

The next model of behavior is stranger and, in some way, even creepy. I would call her “Stranger.” When you put on a mask, the world becomes somewhat distant for you. You are still a part of it, but the mask cuts you off from those around you. They are strangers to you, or you are a stranger to them. You can start talking less, subconsciously creating a halo of mystery for yourself. You may be a completely ordinary normal person, but you are amused by the thought that for people you are a completely unknown and unfamiliar individual.

It would seem that the tradition of masks has been going along with humanity for thousands of years. Many feel a strange power when they put them on, many begin to feel like someone else. Whatever is hidden behind their empty eye sockets, they have taken a very strong place in the culture and nationalities of all countries of the world.

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