‘Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov


5 stars!  Every day we make a choice.  Choice: move on and evolve or leave everything as it is.  Choice: Lower your hands after another defeat?  Choice: to trust people after a thousand disappointments.  And how often do we have to meet challengers that can change our lives? Stand on the edge of the abyss of the unknown and decide whether to take the risk?  Do everything as it is … But when it becomes unbearable, we risk for them.  But what about choosing to be happy or be rich?  And sometimes it happens that you do not choose, then you realize that, in essence, nothing depends on you and you are only a minor character in a dramatic and brutal life story.

It is precisely the problem of choice that is skilfully portrayed in the world-famous novel.  Sometimes, even the strongest and most intelligent people find it difficult to make choices in difficult situations.  And so did Pontius Pilate.  Choose what is common sense or follow your own desire?

And when he still makes a choice, it turns out that, in fact, it depends on nothing.

An illuminated classic picture of a life that is still relevant: to live a rich life full of evil love or to exist in poverty, but to be happy?  Margarita, the heroine of the novel, should endure it. To a woman who is ready to sell the soul to the Devil and become his “partner” in all affairs, just to be with her long-suffering lover forever.  To a woman who risked being happy when she first met the Master.  It was a fateful coincidence.  Margarita stood up for her poor happiness.  She made no mistake in her life challenge.  After all, she chose her soul.

The mystical story of the love and salvation of Creator`s muse, which happened in the 1920s in Moscow, and the story of two thousand years ago about Yeshua Ha-Nozri do not cease to fascinate and fire the hearts of readers.  The skillful combination of the past and the present evokes great interest and love of the world audience.

‘The Master and Margarita’ describes the versatility of a human being and his or her soul.  The spirit and the courage, the weakness and the despair, the fall and flight, are depicted in all their knotty plexus.

From the first pages, the reader is exposed to the two opposite sides of human nature – ignorance (which is always punishable) and honesty.

The novel combines witty humor, magic mysticism and deep drama with marvelous mastery.  All this does not leave any reader indifferent. The names of the characters ‘Master and Margarita’ have long become common names: Berlioz, Woland, Hippo, Koroviev, Azazello, Annushka (who spilled oil).

And the apartment No. 50 of the 302-bis house on Sadovaya Street, described in the novel, is now the Bulgakov Museum.

The mystical moments chase numerous attempts to screen the novel. The rumors say that no theatrical performance has been finished without tragedies, and it has not been possible to film this magic masterpiece, though, there are currently 5 full-scale screenplays, including the series. It is easily understandable because the whole book is steeped in religion and mystery.  It fascinates and, at the same time, scares the readers.

‘The Master and Margarita’ novel is read in one sitting  Personally, I advise you to read it more than once, each time it captures as if you take it in your hands for the first time.  This is an eternal book, it does not lose its unbelievable appeal.  While reading the first phrase, “During the hot spring sunset, two citizens appeared on the Ponds …”, we voluntarily, inevitably and irrevocably immerse ourselves in the world of the Master, Margarita, Pilate, Voland, Azazelo with Koroviev and other heroes of the cult novel.

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