Melancholy or Depression?

It has been said more than once that the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus infection has changed not only the usual life of people, but the world as a whole.
We all try to take better care of our health, wash our hands more often, use hand sanitizers and so on.

But many schoolchildren, students and ordinary workers were transferred to distance learning or e-work. It was something new for many people, but today it has become our daily routine. So, you woke up, ate, worked or studied, ate again, got out to go shopping and all … the entertainment was over. You remember with a slight sadness your preparations for school / university / office, how you were late and said, “I don’t want to go there.” And now, you finally don’t go anywhere. You sit at home in self-isolation because health and life are the greatest treasures that we have.

A very sad picture is emerging, but this is not always the case. When you wake up and see the sun outside the window, you start smiling and the day is getting more fun. You turn on the music, prepare a nutritious breakfast, smile and make plans for the future because you are sure of your hope for the best.

So what are these mood swings? Is it melancholy due to the weather or temporary depression? Nothing out of this. This is a common human mood. We can wake up with a bad mood, but during the day it can change if someone just smiles at us. Or we may wake up very cheerful, but end our day feeling sad because no one has supported us.

In general, all these mood and weather swings have a very strong effect on us. We are now very susceptible to fear, but this is not a bad thing. It’s just such a period now.

If it is possible, I ask you to keep in mind the sun, your fun days, hilarious and sleepless nights with your friends, your hard and soft parties until the morning and just the moments of happiness that you have experienced.

Melancholy or depression is up to you, but remember that everyone needs to know this happens temporarily.

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