Invisible but palpable movements of cold air streams. Gloomy autumn clouds do not allow to relax normally. The tops of trees sigh in a special way.

The autumn wind shakes them up and down, sparing no efforts, and the clouds seem to be so close to catch them alive. In such a period, everything is different, somehow strange, rough and at the same time sad and gray.

The summer is behind; behind exciting bike rides and funny friends, wonderful night walks and soul guitar songs. It is so sick at heart that I will experience it again only next summer.

I close my eyes. I’m at home. It’s quiet and cozy. My family is around me. The yawning cat is sitting quietly at the window, looking at a lonely chirping sparrow…My Teddy Bear is lying on my knees… I open my eyes, seeing nothing at first but in a sec…a slight ray of hope.

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