Merry Christmas With True Spirit and Meaning

(Christmas essay)

“At Christmas, all roads lead home.” 
Marjorie Holmes

All the first days of winter are permeated with pre-holiday mood. Very soon Christian countries will celebrate the feast of the birth of our Christ. It does not matter on which day to celebrate and which calendar to use, because the spirit of Christmas unites everyone into one happy family. But do we understand the true meaning of the halcyon day of Christmas?

Some people believe that Christmas is a motive to spend time in a warm family circle with relatives. What could be better than the crackling of the fire in the fireplace and the placid faces of loved ones? However, I don’t feel you should wait for a holiday to meet your family. After all, you can do it anytime… And if a person has no relatives, will he or she not have Christmas? Loneliness cannot be an obstacle to Christmas happiness…

Some people see Christmas as a day of getting and giving gifts. We identify ourselves with the ancient Magi who brought gorgeous gifts to Jesus, but this is not the case. You can make snazzy surprises to loved ones for no reason…

For other people, Christmas is an occasion to sing Christmas carols and read Christmas stories. These things give a festive atmosphere, but we must always know and remember the story of Jesus’ birth, not just on Christmas Day. Similarly, the meaning of Christmas is not in the delicious dishes and a roast turkey. After all, who forbids you to roast a turkey in the summer?

Of course, Christmas is more than just a tradition of celebration. “So, what is the true meaning of Christmas?” you will ask me. I am convinced, that the meaning of Christmas is not in gifts or traditions. Although I really want you to remember this Christmas with family visits, happy laughter of children, mishmash of cute gifts and Christmas carols. Nevertheless, the true meaning of Christmas is how open our souls are to goodness and light… Will you be able to share your happiness with those who are feeling blue? Can you find the pep talk and give someone hope? Are you ready to believe in a miracle during the dark pandemic? I assume we need to ask these questions before Christmas to realize the significance of refulgent holiday. I wish you a Merry Christmas with true spirit and meaning!

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