Mewling Barking Fight. Puppy against Cat

(humorous story)

For too long Misha dreamed of having a dog, and finally his dream came true. He had already got the experience of owning a cat, but not a dog so far. Therefore, he carefully prepared: he read two books on raising dogs, bought a place for a dog, сanine food, bony toys, leather leashes and a goatskin collar. Purring Josie noticed new objects in the apartment and immediately suspected something odd.

Today they will bring a Jack Russell Terrier puppy named Audrey. Misha is worried about Josie behavior. Will he accept a new family member or not? The fat cat sitting on the windowsill gets flying in feline thoughts: “Does Misha really want to share me with someone else? It can not be! I am Number 1! Who would dare to do it? Yeah, right! Sure!”

And here is the doorbell. They brought a cheery puppy waving its tail friendly. Misha carefully introduces Josie to Audrey. Everything seems to be fine, but Josie looks at a loss, trying to touch the puppy with his fluffy paw. It’s funny, cute and scary at the same time. Suddenly, wild sparkles are getting lit in Josie`s eyes, saying, “There will be no puppy love here! Get out, freaky poodle-woodle, from her! Mewling!” The cat rushes on a dog and a fierce fight with horribly terrible barkingly meowing sounds starts!

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