Mistaken For Badass

(short story)

Have you ever felt the all-powerful appeal in yourself when everyone loves you without any actual reason?

It’s all started when one girl shared a photo of “me” with a cute lady. But it wasn’t me! It was our local Don Juan…And who cares. Of course.

That day I came home and started searching for this guy. He had a blog where he described his one-date-girls and shared photos of all his chicks together. Watching all his posts I became green with envy. How could he do this? A real pick up artist…

But everyone thought it was me so I could pretend for a while. At that moment I had more than 30 messages from different girls in my Uni… Almost every text was about how cool I was and how they want to meet me somewhere away.

I wasn’t an old hand in the area of dating, so it took me the whole night to understand how I should behave as a “cool guy.” It wasn`t so hard: being in love with myself, telling her jokes, playing with her hair, and putting down all surrounding nerds.

The last one was the hardest because I’m one of them…was one of them.

Now I was in the center of attention and each girl thought that she was the only one for me. Ha, just a game. My graduation year so I didn’t really care about anyone for real.

They all had puppy love with me, and I had a great time. But one moment changed everything.

One day I was with another “prom queen” at the restaurant. My eyes were full of joy, I caressed her long hair and then I saw him. This guy with a blog. He was on a date at the same place. How could this world be so rude to me? Our eyes met and then I woke up…

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