Modern productive society. Is it worth it?

You better paint to relax and pray for Ukrainian military…

(opinion article)

Everyone can open Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and in the first ten videos / posts see the one having the word “productive” in its name. So, I want to talk to you about the modern trend to be productive.

Firstly, when these social networks were launched, it was really fun and fascinating. Because you did your best and thought, “If ‘they’ can do it and be it, why I can`t.” This trend was helpful and gave a lot of motivation. But now all changed.

You always hear in your multimedia space that someone has already done so much in his or her 20, for example. He bought a flat, traveled all over the world, opened his gallery. Or even much easier things, like a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed woman that woke up at 5-6 a.m. and shouts to the whole world that it`s only 9 a.m. but she has done so many things, lololo!

In the beginning you look at all that people and think that it is cool, they inspire you. But there is a little problem. In a few days / weeks / months / years you begin to compare yourself with them. And that is not healthy.

In this situation you begin hurt yourself with thoughts like, “Why cant I be like them, why cant I already move away from my parents, find well pay job, wake up at 6 a.m., be productive, find my way in life, and blah-blah-blah?” Because of all these thoughts, you stop living and breathing easily and only try being productive. But that does not work.

We all forget that everyone is unique. And not all can be productive in the same way. It`s like with introverts and extraverts. Someone can do much and feel spry and snappy, and someone need more time to think over even the urgent tasks. Everyone has his or her own way to have the job done and needs different time for it.

Also, because of this super productive society, we are afraid of trying something new. We always think, “What if I wont like it, or I cant do it. I will lose my time that I can spend on more productive things.” You start seeking a so-called KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) approach…And that`s the moment when you begin to hate your life.

So please, waste your time this year, be creative and don`t be productive. Go for long, rambling walks. Write poems. Try a new recipe just because. Pray for Ukrainian military men protecting our Motherland…Paint to relax…Knit something folk style…Read that big old book…Work on your novel…Our world is obsessed with productivity, but “unproductive” hours are the most soul-shaping parts of our lives.

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