Monument to the Past

Old mansion…The rain fell from the sky in small shells. It made everything unreal. I was late for a meeting, lost in an unfamiliar part of town. Here, the past suddenly caught up with me. The gray sky, the heavy rain, trying to wash away the planet, the quiet houses, staring out of the windows with their indifferent gazes.

It was unreal, it was my meditation. Life slowed down, the world is only here and now, everything else ceased to exist. My soul had long needed this. In this atmosphere, I found a piece of the past.

In the middle of the city, there was a big old mansion. It was tired of life, but it remained proud and majestic. The grand columns held grandiose posture, and the indistinguishable number of cracks resembled small wrinkles in the old but still handsome face. Bizarre balconies, a gorgeous garden, and semicircular framed windows reminded us of its former glory. But the darkness at the back of the structure was a marker that it was all in the past. If you close your eyes, you can hear the noise of ball gowns, the echoes of chamber music from the depth of the rooms, romantic gibberish and sweet conversations…about nothing.

Many things happened here: there was the measured and terrifying noise of tanks, people screaming, loud music, and also the school bell. Many secrets keep these wonderful walls. They are silent and, at first glance, clear, however, they fade out little by little, leaving behind the fog so many secrets and questions…Old mansion.

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