`Mort` Terry Pratchett

(book review)

Oh. I see. People don’t want to see what can’t possibly exist.”

5 stars. It is one of the most exciting examples of British sarcastic humor. Mort, just a boy from a poor family who wanted to find some purpose in this difficult life. His father brought him to the fair where any master could take a boy to the service. And Mort became an apprentice of Death. That was the guy in the long black robe with the ever-so-sharp scythe, Grim Reaper. He looked like a skeleton. It is sounds like a fearful story, but, if be honest, the style of the writer changed everything. That’s pure Pratchett. He makes a joke even while turning the lights on and off. In this world Death could fish, philosophize, love cats and just dream about vacation. He was like an accountant, farmer or economist. He did his job while leading souls to another world. And blimey! Death wanted to go on vacation too, like any reasonable person. But what about Mort? Would he cope? This was a great responsibility for the boy.

As for me, this is a perfect metaphor. In our life parents often gibe tasks to their children which are beyond their forces. Surprisingly, but children often can do everything better than adults. Though in ‘Discworld’ (author`s word) everything is not easy. Mort broke the rules.

It is interesting that those characters and their misadventures are always funny in some way. Yet, there’s often a touch or more of poignancy. Pratchett may be writing about a golem or a dwarf or a vampire or an uncategorizable city guard or a garden-variety human being, but they all have human-like feelings. Death is a powerful creature, however, very lonely. This is a personal tragedy. And about it you could read in this book personally. You are welcome!

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