Mount Ai-Petri! Magnificent Memoirs!

That was in 2012.  I, my parents and Luda then rested in the Crimea.  We decided to entertain a bit and to go to Ai-Petri mountain.  We remembered this excursion for life.

The first thing that happened to us was that two Tatars gave us an eagle and photographed us.  We did not even have time to say anything.  Then they called so huge sum of money that we had to pay for the photo that my Mom started hiccupping and my Dag got dizzy.

Then we decided to ride horses.  We were promised that it would be an enthralling tour, and we would see an incredibly impressive cave.

Actually: they gave us four horses.  Mom’s horse constantly wanted to graze and climbed into the bushes, my horse restlessly went urinating and crapping, my father’s horse galloped for no reason.  (Despite the fact that my father first mounted a horse). How about the fourth horse?  Everything was fine with him, but with the saddle – no.  There was some piece of iron with which my sister Luda cut her leg.

We did not see the cave at all. True, we were so tired, so thirsty and so ‘entertained’ that we no longer needed that ‘incredible’ cave.

Then it was not funny for us, but now we remember and laugh at this story.

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