Museums are History Reflections


Do you visit museums often, or do you know a lot about the cultural heritage of Ukraine, your native country? No? And they Know!

For two months I visited Kyiv museums, almost every weekend we had this type of pastime, watched fascinating (and not very) excursions, replenished our knowledge…However, it is a pity that it happened online on museum sites, but after the lockdown, I will definitely go there by my bus №11. I mean by foot…

Each of the museums presented masterpieces of Ukrainian and world painting, sculpture, graphics from the times of Kievan Rus to the present day. Especially, my attention was drawn to the Museum of Books and Printing, I saw with my own eyes the copies of ancient manuscripts, the first printed Cyrillic books, the originals of old prints, engravings, printing presses.

No less interesting were the exhibitions in the Museum of Historical Treasures. There you can see objects of archeology and household art made of precious stones and metals. I saw a real star of history, the one I saw only in the photos in the manuals for preparation for the external evaluation — a golden Scythian pectoral found at the Thick Tomb.

It so happened that I found an incredible exhibition of Remigijus Krukas in the Museum of Ukrainian Decorative Art of Ukraine. Its works are difficult to describe, their strength lies in a special emotional impact, because they contain a certain state, magic and mystery, real and illusory, evoke the impression of deep meanings.

It was splendid to see the Eastern European collection of Varvara and Bohdan Khanenko, to be inspired by these unique works of art, as well as to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the National Museum of Theater, Music and Cinema. Besides, I was lucky to see a large collection of banduras. As a child, I visited the Museum of Folk Architecture and Open Life, a complex of all historical and ethnographic regions of Ukraine.

In general, I am quite satisfied that I set the goal to visit the cultural centers of Kyiv and I did it! Previously, I did not visit such institutions, because I thought they were boring and since childhood I had the impression of them like “take your hands, shut up, listen to the guide, no questions,” Though, during this time the museums made a good impression on me, I immersed my thoughts in Ukrainian past, discovered many new and enthralling things. We find in the museums our own history, important only for us, being inspired by exhibits related to the events of the past or present, and the impressions of them remain in our souls for a long time.

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