My 20-God-20

(Christmas story)

I don’t know when and why the tradition of year consequences was born but it seems to become one of the most significant parts of the celebration. 2020 can’t be described without swear speeches, however, I swear that even this year brought me some smiling news. My time was like a garland. A running chain of events where each season had its place and color. So chaotic. With unsimilar special and simple mood modes.

I wanna begin.

Green glance of spring

March 11. The first quarantine day. Who could know it melted as iceman and flooded everything nearby? Global warming is closely connected with high temperature. The problem that strangles us either we wear masks or not. We’re drowning in uninterrupted mass of sick people. We can support each other although someone refuses even to turn on camera in Zoom…

May 10. The first day of the Coordinator School arranged by my University. Frankly speaking, the first day of my studying that started a bit later than the real course. I was posting useless quotes of great men (I even wasn’t aware of existence of 4 celebrities.) when some guy reacted on my story in Instagram. He participated in school tasks too. Words by words, themes by themes and we built up our friendship. This is how I discovered a solid network of online communication.

Yellow modesty of summer

July 12. My 18th birthday. To be honest, I wasn’t full of enthusiasm for celebration. Unlike my friends whose hearts were pierced by an arrow of disappointment. As a result my parents organized g-loud-lorious party. Now I can say it was the best birthday. Four months have already passed, but I still need more time for disappearing of embarrassment blush from my cheeks when I play back the celebration disc in my head.

August 5. My friend Ira, her parents and I (Sounds weirdo ha?) had travelled to very poor and dull resort near Tatarbunary. We got a fantastic time. A broken heart of a local waiter, climbing over a fence to enjoy the sunrise, a tear-off disco in a café ‘Lili’… Briefly, we squeezed all adventures from that faded place. Then Ira informed me about her work trip to Turkey for 4 months. It meant I had to split a part of my soul for 4 long months…

Orange lemon of autumn

September 21. I had finished my Coordinator School excellent so that day I had a meeting with my freshmen from the Publishing and Editing Department. That day they were covered with hospitality of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University. The habit of calling coordinators as mum and dad had got life before I entered here. So I became a mother for fifty new children in the Institute of Journalism. I couldn’t believe I sat on their place only year ago. I couldn’t realize I was nervous about acquaintance with my group-mates and institute parents only a year ago. This year I had worries about the situation from the other side of that event. However cheerful faces of my ‘children’ calmed me down with the lighting speed.

October 1. Dad dragged scared news that he had got the Covid. Earlier that day I found out symptoms in myself. The result was predictable and expected. I sowed a grain of thoughts about risks for our family in a green glance of spring. Although I hadn’t prevented myself from stormy reaction when I sowed it. I could infect other people! I put them in danger! This worm gnawed my head notably…

Blue serenity of winter

December 2. I needed material for homework book and had no idea what I should write about. Until Ira (honestly waited for her from Turkey) prompted me to gazer my parents’ work stories in one edition. Mum and Dad are doctors, so they definitely have always something up the sleeves to tell. We have never talked so much before. I figured out new facets of their minds in flatness of some themes. It was a very wonderful family evening.

December 6. I caught myself I fell in love…

So what did I learn from 2020? Life is stuffed with black-white stripes and occasions. And acceptance them in colorful ways is the most important thing.

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