My Book Arsenal 2021

(descriptive essay)

As many people know, I love reading and everything related to that. Books? My passion. Bookmarks? Give me a thousand. Book fairs? My dreamy place to be.

So, last May I decided that I want to go to Book Arsenal 2021 as a volunteer to learn everything about the inner kitchen and to dive into my sphere of interest and find likeminded people. It was all Greek to me. I had never participated in such an event before, but I pulled myself together and send my application form.

When I received a message telling me Im in and asking when it was convenient for me to come on a preliminary meeting to see other volunteers and the crew, I was shocked. I didnt think that they can choose me among other people. Although deep down, I was walking on air.

The preliminary meeting went very well. It took place two weeks before the Book Arsenal grand opening. We chose locations we were to be responsible for, meet the crew of The Book Arsenal and other volunteers. It was astonishing and astounding.

I wasn`t there for the grand opening because I had an exam that day but at 8.45 am the next day I came to the Mystetskiy Arsenal to get my brand t-shirt and name tag, and start my first day on the Book Arsenal 2021. The location I was responsible for was an information desk. My job was to give people leaflets, navigate them and make sure they know all the information needed to have the time of their lives on the Book Arsenal. My first day went amazing thank to people I met and communicated with.

My second day was even better. I was on duty in the volunteers room. So I was basically a security woman. However, I didnt complain because that was only for half of the day and I got a really nice book to spent time with. I had the time in the afternoon to go and see the Book Arsenal as a visitor. I wandered between book shelves and publishing house stands, looking at people, books, absorbing the atmosphere of pure happiness and delight.

On the third day I was consulting people on the book novelties of 2021`s and in the afternoon I moved to information desk. That day I went home with 8 books and empty wallet.

The fourth and the last day was the happiest and the saddest day at the same time. It was fun to navigate people near the entrance and helping everybody at the information desk again. However, when the day came to an end and everybody said their goodbyes I went home with my eyes wet.

It has been one of the most incredible experiences in my life and I can`t wait for the Book Arsenal 2022.

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