My Driving Experience


This blog will focus on my driving experience on different vehicles.
Of course, the first vehicle I have learned in my life was a bicycle. Probably everyone knows how to ride a bike, so there is nothing interesting here.

At the age of 12, I wanted to try something new. Then I often liked to go to my grandfather’s country house. There was an old «IZh» motorcycle, to which a motorcycle carriage was attached. So my grandfather taught me to drive it, then I loved to ride a motorcycle in the countryside. It was from that time that I began to learn how the engine works. After that, riding a moped seemed especially easy.

When I finished school, I had a motor boat. I had to learn how to remove the engine cover and fix some faults. Since then, I know the design of such an engine, so I like to ride a motor boat the most.

Recently, I started riding ATVs often. The only thing I don’t like is the engine noise. So far, my quad bike rides great, all you need to do is fill up with gas and start it. This is the only technique I haven’t disassembled to see what’s inside the engine.

Of course, I also understand cars well. As a child, my father put me in his arms and allowed me to drive. My grandfather taught me to understand batteries and engines, as well as to solve various small problems.

My immediate plans were to get a driver’s license. In addition, I wanted to get the right to drive boats up to 6 meters this year. But the war completely ruined all my plans. Now the main desire is the victory. And after that I will definitely get my own driver’s license and start collecting money to buy a car.

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