My Eco-friendly Breakthrough Idea

The idea that changed my life was the customization of clothes and eco bags.

I am often asked about how I decided to start customizing. My answer is simple: “I really like it.”

Since childhood, I have loved to draw. These were mostly pencil drawings. It didn’t always work, but it was always a pleasure. I didn’t go to art school. Later, at the age of 17, I went to a master class by an artist from my city and since then I just fell in love with oil paint.

Last spring, while in quarantine, I stumbled upon an Instagram store selling hand-drawn eco bags and was very inspired by this, determined to open my little online store. I began to study this trend, watch videos on YouTube and read the Internet information. I bought paints and tried to paint on my friend’s bag.

Then I went to choose the fabric, because I decided firmly that I would sew eco bags myself. Through trial and error, I still succeeded. After a month of my training, I was already good at sewing eco bags and drawing on them, and then a breakthrough ides struck me that I was ready to share my creativity with people.

My Instagram store is still developing. I’m not limited to eco bags, so now we have designer postcards in the assortment. I have made more than 20 people at least a little happier and more satisfied. Every time I draw individual pictures with trepidation and worry that every client would like everything. More to come …

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