My Experience of Volunteering On Wikipedia

One day in a group Telegram chat, someone asked for help with editing a Wikipedia page. I answered first, but I was in two minds whether it was worth the time. In the end, I agreed and was told that the right person would contact me.

This right person turned out to be Iryna Kuznetsova, a representative of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in Ukraine. She asked to edit the page ‘Chestnut Run Kyiv Ukraine,’ the annual charity run, which is celebrated the last Sunday of May.

I received a checklist. The tasks were quite simple: delete photos, add links and so-called infobox with the logo and basic information about the event.

However, the last time I dealt with Wikipedia was a year ago. Something I forgot, so I had to refresh my memory. The main problem was the logo, because it was not in the cloud. The fact is that Wikipedia doesn’t favor photography. If you add a new image, you have to fill out a form with 1001 items, and if you mess up somewhere, your image will be ruthlessly deleted. So, I had to add the logo myself, practically playing the Russian roulette… By the way, the logo hasn’t been checked yet, so I’m still not sure if it’ll survive.

One way or another, all tasks were successfully completed. Iryna Kuznetsova thanked me and we said goodbye.

Now I can confidently add to my portfolio that I worked with the Cannes Lions themselves! Sounds cool, doesn’t it? That’s what I’m talking about. So, don’t doubt, but rather seize every opportunity in your life!

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