My first music festival: how is was

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Last summer my friends and I attended the annual Atlas week and Music Festival. It was located on the territory of the VDNH. At the entrance, we noticed the boutiques with souvenirs, so we took a set of magnets for memory. While getting a bit further, there were food stands, various photo locations, portable poufs and a bunch of scenes. The territory itself looked like a fascinating and floating platform.

In fact, then I was the first time at a festival of this type. It lasted seven days in the city of Kyiv. There we managed to enjoy a smorgasbord of the most snazzy and classy musicians and groups, as well as get acquainted with the mad skills of the young green peas, I mean the wet-behind-the-ears talents.

I liked John Newman`s performance the most, although I’m not a fan of him, but he was so energized and optimistic that I unexpectedly broke into all his songs, also at that time the Boombox band performed their fresh hits. They just recorded a new album, and I immediately fell in love with it.

We got a lot of ritzy emotions and shiny impressions and even today, we remember them. Around there were many young fans singing and dancing show-biz starlets.

I like such festivals because during several days I can visit the concerts of almost all my favorite artists. At the same time, it’s pretty tiring. Therefore, it is not necessary to be prepared, be sure to wear headgear, since you can get a sunstroke, as well as clothing, should be light, do not wear pants. Also, I do not like the skyrocketing water prices, not speaking about food. Besides, it is not allowed to take water with you. On the other hand, I am pleased to have such a kind of music fun.

In the future, I plan to attend such razzle-dazzle showbiz events. After the festival, I discovered a lot of new talented musicians and started listening to Ukrainian music much more. So Atlas week and Music Festival gave me a lot of bright emotions, expanded my musical world and permitted to look beyond the limited life horizons…And I recommend you doing the same…COVID-19 is not eternal. The summer is approaching!

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