My Grandmother

Many of our grandmothers have become second mothers. They give us comfort and warmth when it is so lacking. They love us more than anyone in the world. My grandmother is no exception. Thanks to her, my childhood was filled with a fairy tale, full of tender touches of warm palms and delicious crunches (dough products).

Her name is Svetlana. She is a very brave and courageous woman. She survived the war as a child, worked as an ambulance and obstetrician for 35 years, saved many lives, saw both death and birth, and raised two wonderful children, it`s my mother and auntie.

She is short and a little plump. The eyes have very fascinating shades of blue, green and gray. Even 18-year-olds will envy her eyes, because her pupils shine with liveliness and love to life. And she has incredible hands. They are always warm, soft and smell like cakes. Unlike other grandmothers, she never wears a handkerchief, which is why I always wondered. Despite her age (she is already 81 years old), she is painted, well dressed, active, owns a laptop and a smartphone. She doesn’t look like a typical grandmother. When I show her photos to my friends, everyone is very surprised to learn her age.

As I mentioned, my grandmother has a pretty good laptop and smartphone and is still improving her skills. She loves to watch all the news of the world online, which she always tells me on the phone, matches from her favorite football and hockey, the show ‘Ice Age’ and ‘Field of Miracles («Поле Чудес»). Sometimes, she even watches Tik Tok. Also, since she mastered Viber, the whole family receives greeting cards or “good morning” every day. It’s like a ritual.

Grandma loves to write poetry. She always laughs and says that it is not in vain that he lives in Lesya Ukrainka’s hometown, in the city of Novohrad-Volynskyi.

Unfortunately, we have lived quite far from each other for several years, but every night we communicate and exchange news. When my mother and I arrive, my grandmother is very happy, but admits that even when we have not yet arrived, she is already sad that we are not there. Although she is active, entertaining herself every day, reading books, solving crossword puzzles, watching the news of the world, talking to her parrot Kuza, whom she can’t teach to talk, she still sometimes feels lonely.

Here. So is my grandmother. Bold, kind, smart, wise, beautiful, talented and she is an example for me. She taught me all the qualities that a person should have. She gave me an incredible childhood, for which I am very grateful. And even now, when I come to her, we watch our favorite old cartoons together, drink tea and laugh. More than once I will experience the pleasure of feeling her hand on my head and more than once, remembering everything and missing her, I will call or come…

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