My Granny, OMG

(miniflash story)

Once I was sitting in our kitchen scrolling through the messages and chatting with my cousin sister on the phone when Grandma walked in. “Olha?”

“Yeah, Grandma?”

“I wanted to talk to you about one thing for a long period of time. Look, youre very nice granddaughter, but you recall God for no reason and it gets me upset. Its a sin. You can`t do that.”

“But Grandma I do that, only because you do that.”

“How can you say such nonsense? I would never…”

“Aha…I heard you whining about life…” Not long after that I got a text from my cousin sister. “Ouch!” I screamed. Grandma was intrigued.

“What`s there, Olha?”

“Do you know Anna works in a gentlemen’s club?”

“Hooooo…,” grandma screamed. I intently looked at her, “Hooooooooly Moly! Holy Moly!”

“And do you know that her boyfriend works there too? And sometimes they roll in the hay there?”

“Oh, My Gooooood!” My Grandma put the hand on her heart. “Jesus! Olha, stop looking at me! Why are you telling my such details from her private life?!”

“Actually you won`t believe me, but she has a bun in the oven.”


“Gotcha! Grandma, you fell for this fudge!”*

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