My Granny’s Cherry

(flash story)

Winter. Morning. God, what a terrible photo. Now comment this shi … Ouch! What is this? Seriously? I was so into my phone that I came across a branch of a cherry? Well, great. Now there will be a scratch on my cheek. Silly piece of wood. Why aren’t you frozen yet? I think I looked at something on Instagram. Damn it. The feed has already been updated. Anyway.

Evening. Did she really block everyone who voiced their “ugh” under the last post? And she also put in stories “Now I see the true face of my so-called “friends.” Thanks to everyone who remained silent and accepted my position without swearing and offensive words.” So yes…

Spring. Morning. All right. Pull yourself together. This is just your first job interview. The editor will like you and they will hire you. The main thing is to look confident. It’s nice that I put on this red scarf, which…of course, was blown away by the wind and caught on the cherry! Give it back! That’s why you need it ah? There is nothing to decorate your branches! And I need my scarf. Thief!

Evening. I still can’t believe they took me! Although why I can’t. I was hoping for it! I prepared well, answered confidently, was sweet in dialogue, showed satisfactory results and…left a red scarf on the branch. My new boss hates red. Strange coincidences happen…

Summer. Morning. You really may have overslept like that! It’s perfect that I prepared a suit in the evening. I’ll have breakfast on the subway. All that’s left is … ay! Naturally! All that’s left is to slip and fall over the damn cherries! What is wrong with you?! Well, what have I done wrong to you huh? You stand for yourself but still prevent me from living. As not one thing, so another. Your berries also got dirty on the suit. Now I will definitely be late!

Evening. I’m alive … that bus … I could have sat in it too. And crash. Together with the rest. It’s fortune I was late. Thank you…

Fall. Morning. I have the day off. 5 more minutes! Please stop knocking your gnarled branches on my window. Well, what’s going on there? Okay, okay, I’m getting up already … oh God! Dad, what are you doing? I mean, you’re going to cut the cherry! I’m begging you! Do not do this! No, no, no, it doesn’t interfere anymore! It’s grandma’s cherry. She always cared for me so much. How can I let such a memory of her be killed?

Evening. I remember how you saved my life. It’s a pity; I didn’t have time to pay you back then, 3 years ago … Now I see it. Forgive me for behaving this way. Do you remember how little I was always mischievous, but through all these screams you still loved and protected me? Remember, granny?

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