My HR Interview Ideas

Natural behavior with a pinch of humor looks fine

“To win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace”

It is very important for every manager to have a vacant position with a true professional: responsible, reliable, and competent. The search for candidates is always a long time. Usually, the interview is broken down into several consecutive parts, including an interview with the recruiting manager and supervisor, completing the test task, and so on. Only after successful completion of all the proposed stages, the candidate gets the desired position and can begin to perform professional duties.

Personally, I came up with a plan that I would adhere to when picking an employee to my future company:

  1. When preparing for the interview, it is necessary to clearly determine what kind of specialist is needed by the company that is expected of the candidates and what working conditions they can offer.
  2. The interview program with the candidate must be drawn up beforehand. It depends on the number of candidates for a particular position; the type of interview (previous, intermediate, or final interview with management).
  3. Determine the exact time and place of the interview. It is better if the interview room is a separate office, then no one will interfere with the focus of the conversation. It is advisable to give each candidate an accurate interview time in advance to avoid waiting too long. The interview is usually 20-30 minutes, but may be different depending on the circumstances.
  4. Make an accurate list of candidates for the interview and inform them of the specific time and place of the interview.
  5. Prepare necessary information for candidates: specific requirements for the candidate, job description, description of working conditions, other necessary documents.
  6. Create a questionnaire with the job description and requirements for the employee who holds it. You can include the recommended: gender, age, educational requirements, functional responsibilities of the specialist, the necessary business qualities (ability to work in a team, good memory, analytical abilities, etc.) and personal (accuracy, stress resistance, independence, responsibility, etc.)
  7. Before meeting with candidates, it is necessary to read their resume and make notes for clarification of unclear points. You can even prepare a small number of interview questions and give them to the candidate, and then proceed to discuss his or her answers, specifying the details. This interview will allow you to talk on a clearly defined plan and not waste time.
  8. Before you go through the list of questions, you need to identify the goals that are being interviewed. The most important thing in an interview is to obtain, if possible, the most complete and correct impression of the candidate.
  9. After the program has been drafted and the candidates are invited to the meeting, you can proceed to an interview directly.

It is necessary to construct the conversation in such a way that most of the time allotted for the interview is spoken by the applicant, and for this it is necessary for the person to provoke affection for himself, to create an atmosphere of trust. Experienced staff members ask candidates to sit on a chair (armchair, sofa) standing to the side of the table and often sit next to the candidate. According to psychologists, it shows a person’s friendliness and respect on the part of the interlocutor. This arrangement allows the expert to see the eyes and gestures of the candidate well and creates in the latter a sense of self-importance, freedom and natural behavior, stimulates openness and sincerity in answering questions. Humor is not an extra thing. Why not? Youth fades out but funny mood is forever.

Experts do not recommend immediately asking questions about the competence of the candidate. It is best to first ask some general questions about topics that are off topic in the future.

10. The hardest thing to do is to make a decision about hiring a specific person based on the analysis of the interview results. It is necessary to create for each candidate a separate file, which will show the main results – this will help quickly and easily navigate the large number of applicants for the position.

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