My Lazy Friend Is A Patriot Living Abroad


I have a friend who lives in Germany, but before the bloody events in Ukraine he lived in my city.Every morning he starts with distance learning, where he rarely appears because he is too lazy to wake up. During the break between classes, he otta go to the kitchen and eat. He even got a job, because living in an unfamiliar country is difficult and expensive. But the company chief decided that my friend`s help was not needed for one day and he got a day off.

He was not very sad about it and decided to go for a walk around the city, but there was one problem! He had to take his younger sister with him, though he really did not want to do it. Their walk began with a car set on fire. Wow! An ominous beginning…On the way, they came across a splendid square, where they photographed beautiful buildings and monuments, and then accidentally deleted everything from the phone with one click…To be asinine and absent-minded is not so good, especially abroad…

At the end of the walk, they went to the mall, as a result of which my friend regretted a lot, because there was a children’s toy store, where his sister, as a future whimsy woman ran to shopwindows to spend all my friend`s’s money. By some miracle, she mesmerized him and forced him to buy a pricey game of Lotto, despite the empty pockets of her elder brother.

When I asked him what he ate in the evening, he replied, “Like a real man, I usually eat pizza or nothing, I keep the figure fit.” A current diet trend, in which he does not understand anything… Besides, he does not know the German language. Halt die Fresse, Fotze! When he needs to go to bed, he suffers a lot, because all night he hears the neighbors singing their karaoke. The second most irritating thing for him, “I don’t have a comfortable mattress and the spring presses on my ribs.”

At the same time, he adores Ukraine and is very concerned about its fate, so he helps volunteers from his hometown.

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