My Life During the War in Ukraine

(opinion article)

Hello, I’m Anna and today I’m gonna tell you about the life during such cranky crisis as a war.

So far it has been going on for 46 days, so let’s review all of it.

The first week. It can be described in a few words: panic, fear, and grief. By and large I couldn’t even eat the first two days… The main issue was — to go somewhere or not? Is it safe to stay at home? — No, let’s go! That was what my parents said.

The second week. Being obsessed with food I did nothing from my usual life. Living in a two-room apartment and sleeping with parents on one sofa in one room. Watching breaking news, dramatic news and once again news:) By the way, I even fainted once in the morning.

The third week. I made strict decision to try coming back into the usual life as much as I could. I started doing exercises and practicing meditation, painting pictures and reading books, doing massages and complex body treatments. During this week we should have decided either to go to Poland and then to the USA or not. It was the crucial moment filled with flipped-out hysterics. I couldn’t leave my fiancé and father, my whole family and my two home cities — Dnipro and Kyiv. Thanks God my emotions helped me to convince parents not to go anywhere.

The fourth week. I made up my mind to start working for my living. You can’t even imagine how thankful I was when my clients agreed to resume the work. I was full of energy and separated my spirit from all negative things. Not rapidly, but still my days became better. Work outs and stretching, all the rituals I used to do before the war and my business that I’m cut out for.

The fifth week. I came back home. I’m completely fine emotionally. I don’t need to hide in the shelters anymore, I don’t need to spend nights there. I’m at home. This week gave me the breakthrough in the work that I’ve never had before.

So, I see that we can control our emotions and all consciousness practices are effective even in the war time. Well, no matter what kind of downturn you are passing through, you need to be healthy and safe. I ensure you that from time to time I still think about the pain of all hurt people In Ukraine, but I’m not scared anymore. Don`t be afraid too. Glittering dawn always comes after a gloomy night…

Maybe this is how the whole world faces the fears of war, isn`t it?

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