My Own Interview Experience

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In my own experience, I have gone through several interviews, and I can say that ethics really plays an important role. For example, I mentioned an interview with Monobank company, which I could not pass, however, I gained useful experience. First of all, I finished my resume in a certain order and briefly noted why I could get this job. Then I got in touch with the recruiter and joined the conversation. In such a way, the first stage of the job interview was over. After that came the second stage. The conversation was warm, we exchanged views on themes that were somehow connected with the main topic. We discussed one question that concerned all of us, it made us feel comfortable, relaxed and free.

At the next stage, I talked a lot more about myself, and also answered questions about the work. There were also issues related to the bank’s functionality, testing communication skills, stress resilience, leadership skills, iG generation, and more…I want to note that the recruiter was also interested in my hobbies, and stated that the leisure time passed in a fruitful way was considered to be an important factor for their company. And she asked if I had read books, and if so, which ones I could advise, she also recommended a few titles…This was a novelty for me, because usually the employer sneezes at you. You are just a living force for him or her, but the Monobank does not work that way. Unfortunately, I did not pass this stage because I did not have enough time and expertise for this job. It was the 4th year of college, so exams, diploma and internship were more important. However, it has given me a very rewarding experience that I will definitely employ…

Based on my own experience, the literature and articles I have read on this topic, I can conclude that it is really important to have a plan for the interview. Think ahead about key questions and answers, be honest and not be afraid to ask any questions. I would also like to mention the most important aspect – I was able to talk to the recruiter only twice, because for the first time they did not like my resume. But next time I was able to interest them, so do not give up, do not be afraid to get rejected, you must respect and value yourself, and in no case be afraid of a potential employer or put him above yourself. All of us are just people…

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