My plans for life after victory


Regrettably, I didn’t have time to do anything important before the war, nothing that I had dreamed of. Roughly speaking, I didn’t have time to do anything in the 20 years before the war started, and I really don’t want to believe that the war would cut my life short completely. So, I’m still trying to make plans in the hope that I can start making them very soon. And I certainly won’t put them off until tomorrow, because, as life shows, you can’t put anything off.

Now, what do I want to start or continue to do after we win:

  1. To return to my native Brovary, to my native apartment and make repairs there. Trouble, as they say, does not come alone. My house was not destroyed by a rocket, but the case was fixed by the neighbor from above, who flooded us a little bit. So, now we need to make cosmetic repairs in the bathroom and part of the kitchen.
  2. To finish successfully the third course and go with a calm heart to the fourth. Well, after a year, to get the second in my life, but already a bachelor’s degree. And to go on a long journey called Life.
  3. To see all my relatives, friends and my boyfriend. Unfortunately, we were separated by hundreds of kilometers, but we will definitely meet alive, healthy, happy and celebrate the victory of Ukraine. Parting with your loved ones is always hard, and at a time like this, it is unbearable.
  4. To buy a season ticket for a gym. For a long time I wanted to go there, but I kept putting it off for later, and then it never came. But I have already agreed with my friend that after winning, we both go to the gym, each in his or her own city, but morally together.
  5. I will update my wardrobe; maybe even change my style a little bit. I’m also going to devote more time to myself.
  6. I will begin to appreciate every day of my life. I will begin to enjoy the little things and whine less, because the real reason for worry, tears and sadness is the war, and all the other problems that were in my life before the war – they were not problems at all.
  7. As I wrote in the last paper: I will finish my paintings by number and buy another one.
  8. I will work more to raise money and rent my own apartment (I have long dreamed of living on my own, with my doggie.).
  9. I want to travel all over Ukraine, living in every big city for 2 weeks. And in small towns to stay for a couple of days. Thus, I want to explore all touristic pearls of my country.
  10. Together with my friend we are going on a walking tour in the mountains. To conquer Hoverla, or any other mountain. It will be an unforgettable trip with tents, in the summer mountains.

In general, I plan to live. To live my life the way I want it, the way I like it, the way I see it. And so that nothing and no one can stop me from doing it.

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