M-M-Malta is My L-L-LOVE

The famous Malta proverb says, “Where the heart loves, that`s where the legs walk.” I can`t but agree with it – a part of my soul is closely connected with Malta.

Malta is a small island state in the Mediterranean with an area of ​​only 15 km by 27 km. What makes Malta remarkable for tourists? Holidays are secluded, family, active, youthful – here everyone will find something special.

The island of Malta on the world map is located in the Mediterranean south of Italian Sicily. The distance from Kiev is about 3.5 thousand km. The duration of the direct flight is about 3-4 hours.

There are no problems with beaches, but most of them are rocky.

One of Malta’s best sandy beaches with excellent reviews is Golden Bay, located on the island’s northwest coast. Convenient location, wide sandy line, comfortable infrastructure and stunning landscape have made it one of the favorite destinations among tourists.

Next to the Golden Bay, near the village of Manicata is the beach of Riviera Beach (Ghajn Tuffieha Bay). It is chosen for a relaxing holiday away from civilization and major resort centers. There is soft sand and clear water, and to reach the Riviera Beach, you need to overcome 100 steps.

In Malta, very small towns, so you can walk at least two of them in one walk.

Tourism in Malta is extremely developed: 1.2 million guests are received annually – three times the population of the country! They come here for solitude and relaxation, outdoor activities, excursions, nightly fun at parties and casinos, horseback riding, training in language camps.

Active holidays, excursions, entertainment, unpolluted nature – these are just a few reasons why tourists choose to spend their holidays in Malta.

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