My Thoughts Silent Shout

I sincerely have been waiting for the opportunity to write about good Ukrainian cinema for a long time. Certainly, the previous years a pretty good number of good films were released. But each work lacked something: successful scenery, awesome actor or exceptional directing. And finally, the movie came out on wide screens which have all the essentials for great Ukrainian cinema. Dear ladies and gentlemen, to your attention — My Thoughts Are Silent by Antonio Lukich.

I even prepared an argument: it is not so important that this film is Ukrainian; the main thing is that it is good. However, in the case of My Thoughts Are Silent the fact that the film is Ukrainian is definitely important. This is a deeply national story, about our laughter and our tears. Balancing on the finest line between entertaining and author’s cinema, the film is about a typical Ukrainian family consisting of a mother and son, it’s a road movie through the flowering spring Transcarpathia, the most accurate getting into the types; recognizable, like everything! The obvious comparison with «Everything Is Illuminated» is not entirely justified but if you sweep away persuasion — it turns out that Thoughts are better. And at the same time, it’s not a hopeless Russian-Leviathan life description, but a nagging life. So here we are — honest 8.5 IMDb. Some more to note: Irma Vitovskaya is beyond praise.

Lukich’s feature début is an accomplished comedy-drama that will definitely work for international audiences (at least at festivals), and although it is not in itself a revolutionary step forward in the development of modern Ukrainian cinema, it is a breath of fresh air and could be a good pointer for other young filmmakers in this emerging industry. It seems that this is a turning point for Ukrainian cinema after which it’s really important not to lower the bar.

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