My Traveling Memories in Ukraine


I adore traveling. The world around me is fine and fascinating, especially when my relatives are near, both by blood and by spirit. Unfortunately, I haven’t been abroad yet, but I plan to visit most of the countries of the world in the near future. But in Ukraine, I traveled a lot, many lovely locations in different cities and villages where my parents, relatives and relatives of my boyfriend grew up.

What I like most about traveling is the road to the place of arrival. The views that open from the window of a train, car, bus are like a separate art form that inspires and captures you. It also means that very soon you will find yourself in a new place, where new adventures await you. But the road home is also unusually intriguing, because your loved ones are waiting for you, with whom you can share your new memories.

I fall in love with every city I visit, it is unique, with its own history, flavor and fascinating impressions.

Odessa is a place by the sea, where there is always a warm sun and a bright sea, always fascinates me, there you can visit the chocolate museum, and visit famous locations, there you pay for the fare at the exit, and there are always a lot of tourists.

Chernihiv amazes you with its beauty with its history, there is a very interesting museum of history, which contains historical monuments from all over the Chernihiv region. There are old monasteries and temples built in the XI th century. It is a lot to learn here.

Kyiv is the multicolored capital, cultural culture, where everyone will find something to their liking, here everyone can feel at ease, developed geek culture, and interesting, unusual exhibitions and concerts.

Ukraine is a wonderful country and traveling around it always warms my heart. While seeing splendid landscapes and having good company, you feel inspired and motivated to keep on creating and working hard. I keep these memories, they warm my soul. And even when I return home, this fire, which lit up during the trip, does not go out for a long time. I enjoy traveling in Ukraine! Let`s do it together!

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