My Way of Business Integration

Business is a one of the spheres of human`s life that is really difficult to digest. But earlier or later everyone need to go through this. And, fortunately, the majority has success. And now I want to tell you about my own way of integrating into business.

Its not a secret that business is rather peculiar and moody. It has a lot of common rules, for instance: dress code, behavior, conversation culture. With the first one its probably easy to deal: strict suit, well-groomed appearance and some ‘smart’ accessories to look like a McCoy business woman or man. But other points are much harder. And the problem is that no one will prepare you to your first step in business. Quite often your first pas is a ‘faux pas.’

Before my current job I have not worked in a serious one. So I didn`t have any idea how I should behave in the business milieu. So my first step to get a job was a job interview. I had to speak with an HR-specialist and then show my English skills because my company is situated in Israel and we work mainly in English. I am a responsible person, and I really wanted this job so I had watched some videos on YouTube to get prepared to this interview. It was done and finally the time has come.

Before that I groomed my appearance like a serious young lady ready to ‘stand up and fight’ for that job. The interview started…The HR-specialist was very kind and open-hearted so our talking was informal. But I still was nervous. She asked me all questions that I heard from YouTube videos so I was good at that. Then she said, “And now its time to English”. It was easy to me but you know that the nervousness spoils everything turning bad into worse. After one hour my first serious interview got finished. And Ive got this job.

But its not a happy end because the interview is the preparation part to the first step in business. First step its period when you start your career in company during which you meet your new colleagues, catch up the process, connect with your bosses and try to blend in with the company as an insider. So at first time, it was really hard for me. Im also the youngest worker there. And it was a problem for me when I had to talk to my colleague or boss and I couldnt imagine how to call them: respectfully or just friendly and informally.

So I have been working in this company for almost one year and what I figure out during this time:

  • Every company has its own atmosphere and culture rules. There is a real difference for each of them, so you should be flexible even if you used to work in an informal style and now you should become a ‘Matrix guy in suit’;

  • The rules of business small talks are useful but in the real life you can use them on your first step while meeting with company. Business small talks in their majority are really informal because in my experience at coffee clutches I always keep joking and talking about everything except work moments, even why I do not want to marry my interlocutor.

  • Despite these cool things, anyway you should keep your business personality. You always must be ready to become serious and get responsibilities of your working assignments.

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