New TikTok record: who managed to gain 100 million subscribers

16-year-old American dancer Charlie Damelio managed to gather the largest audience in TikTok – more than 100 million users subscribed to the girl’s account. Charlie has been dancing since the age of six, and started recording short music videos only a year and a half ago. She managed to achieve popularity in the record time. For comparison: it took 14 years for video content creators to achieve similar results on YouTube.

Charlie is well ahead of other TikTok stars: so far only two users of the platform have managed to cross the 50 million mark. She has several times more subscribers than Will Smith, Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande.

This is a great achievement for both the platform and Damelio, but the girl does not want to focus on TikTok. A few months ago, she launched a podcast with her family, plans to actively develop a YouTube channel and release a book.

Also, the girl has a sister Dixie.

A couple of days before the coveted mark of 100 million from Charlie, a million viewers unsubscribed. The culprit is a video on the family channel. In the video, the D’Amelio family and beauty blogger James Charles gathered for a homemade dinner prepared by chef Aaron May. Everything would have looked pretty nice if it weren’t for the sisters’ defiant behavior: Dixie was making faces behind the boss and pretending to be sick of the food, and Charlie asked if there were any nuggets at home when the table was already breaking.

But Charlie still crossed the mark of 100 million subscribers and earned $ 4 million a year (Dixie, in turn, – $ 2.9).

“The story of a random takeoff,” you say. “Sincerity, imperfection and calm,”fans will answer.

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