New Year`s Day! Chicken with oranges is the best!


A New Year`s miracle is that all your family gets together without a single quarrel all day”
(Unknown author)

Holidays make our lives striking and stimulating. We can have some fun, relax and don’t feel any pressure. Within the year there are a lot of holidays such as Mother’s Day, Victory Day, Christmas, May Day. Since childhood, my favorite holiday is the New Year.

I think each family has its own tradition during this day and I want to share some of mine. In my family we usually start getting ready for the New Year in advance: we find the best presents, buy lots of food and adorn our flat with different garlands and the New Year fir-tree. Sometimes we create our own costumes for the New Year party because it’s a funny tradition in our family to celebrate the New Year in unusual clothes.

My father is excellent at cooking so he always makes meat dumplings, cooks chicken with oranges and his special meat pie. My brother and I cook some salads and my mother bakes fruit tarts. They are fantastic and taste perfect. After famous supper, we meet with our family friends and head to the downtown to view fireworks, concerts and colorful carnivals. If the weather is nasty, we stay at home, watch entertaining shows on TV and set off firecrackers in the yard. New Year’s holidays are the time for traveling, and we visit our relatives in other cities too.

I really enjoy celebrating New Year’s holiday and, to my mind, every person looks forward to celebrating it with their families.

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