New Year`s Essay

`Christmas is most truly Christmas when we celebrate it by giving the light of love to those who need it most`
Ruth Carter Stapleton

The New Year for me is a miracle time and chance return to childhood. I remember the smell of grandma’s pies, Christmas decorations and feeling of expectation. My parents always invited many guests: sisters, brothers, uncles and just friends. Mother prepared different treats; father folded all the presents. At this time our home always got warmer, cheerier and cozier

Every year my little sister puts stickers on the windows, when I do short-list with films. On December 29 we buy tickets to some film or animated cartoon and many donuts instead of popcorn.

Believe me, there’s something in it. New Year`s music in malls, long queues, Christmas trees and presents – it all has a special charm.

New Year’s Eve is celebrated differently all around the world. According to ‘Time and Date,’ New Year’s Eve is a public holiday in many places, like the Philippines and Latvia — and in a few countries like Japan, it is even a government holiday. But in many countries, people are not let out of work until the evening, and many retail stores remain open 24/7. But our parents are always working on this day and we are constantly cleaning our apartment. We have one small tradition. Every year, on December 28, we come to Arsenalna, go up the escalator and clap hands hard. After this we make one wish for everyone.

New Year’s Eve is full of traditions, allowing us to follow those we like and to ignore those we don’t. We can bake cookies or watch cartoons about Santa and his Christmas adventures, decorate the fir-trees or throw out all the Christmas tree decoration from Klavdievskaya factory…Surely, it is a joke. I like all kinds of them. We can sing `Ukrainian Christmas Carols` or watch some TV show like `The Evening at the Village of Dikanka`… It is your choice: to be a Grinch or kind Mickey from Disney. In New Year`s night you can be whoever you want…That is the night of miracles.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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