New York, New York


It was my very first day in New York. I have always been dreaming of getting there. So here I am with a small suitcase and great expectations. Back home I decided that I need to find someone who can show me the city. And I found her. Carina is an Italian girl who has been living in New York for 6 years. She`s a resident at a local hospital. Her job is exhausting, but she kindly agreed to meet me, to e-ntroduce and introdose, do forgive me, I mean to introduce me to the city.

So, she met me at JFK and we went exploring Big Apple right away.

“How much cheese do you have?” She asked.

“What? Why would I bring cheese with me?”

“Sorry, I forgot that you don`t know local slang. That means money.”

“Oh! I see. Well, then I have a lot of cheese. That`s not a problem.”

“That`s great because now I wanna show you the best thrift shop in the city. I remember you told me you travel light and didn`t mind to go shopping. Let`s go and cop something.”

“What do cops have to do with shopping?”

“Cop means buy. However, no, we won`t go shopping until I teach you all of our slang!!!”

“Okay… I`m intrigued.”

So I spent my first day in this wonderful city in the best company I could ever have, learning loads of new words. That was so lit!

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