Nine Tips for a Beginning Fanfiction Writer

If you have a lot of free time during the quarantine and you don`t know how to entertain, you could start writing fan fiction! That is a fascinating variant. Here are the tips that I have been sticking to since the first day of the pandemic…

  1. Read more. Be sure to check out several works by other authors writing on fandoms that you are most interested in and for which you yourself plan to create fan fiction in the future. Pay particular attention to how they come up with descriptions, what turns and tricks they use to make their text “alive.” Take note of some of these tricks to use them later in your work.
  2. Create. As often as possible. Practice makes us better, makes us broaden our horizons, in other words, “it fills your hands.” First, you should write for yourself, as it is called, “in the table.”
  3. Do not rush. Let the creation of your first (and not necessarily the first) fan fiction take as much time as necessary, regardless of its size. The same thing with prose. There is no necessity to hurry up, no one is pushing you with pokes and kicks.
  4. Check your work before it goes out. In no case do not be lazy. While you intend to engage in literary work, such a thing as “laziness” should not exist for you.
  5. Communicate with your readers. Have you noticed that the same person often subscribes under the same your work or even several works? In that case, you can be congratulated! You have found a devoted reader, and every devoted reader is worth its weight in gold.
  6. Listen to criticism – this is the most mandatory rule of all. Of course, haters who can do nothing except mucking other authors and their works with dirt, without any explanation, do not deserve your attention. Such people just need to be avoided, in no case do not respond to aggression (you thus show in advance that you are ready for conflict), in a word, switch on ignoring regime as if they were not addressing you at all.
  7. Improve yourself. Has your ‘dubble’ got a good rating and some positive reviews? It is commendable, but stopping at small jobs is not worth it. Even if it seems to you that you are not strong in the thoughtful maxi – you can learn everything if you wish. Do you have it, right?
  8. Imagine. Create non-standard situations for your favorite characters in a movie, book or game, and then figure out how fascinating those will be from them. You don’t need to take hackneyed stories like “what would happen if Naruto fell in love with Sasuke”, be a little more original.
  9. Common sense above all. Do not forget about such a thing as “logic.” Often, aspiring authors, in pursuit of the original plot, themselves get lost in it and start such a madhouse that even the fiction writer himself admits that he himself is extremely interested in how it will end. So come up with everything well, make at least the most a small five-point plan, like in a school essay, this will help you not to be confused.

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