No man is an island. No wolf is a warrior

There were two flocks of wolves who lived in the Forestland, Wolves of the West and Wolves of the East. The territory of the two camps was delineated by a small stream that was forbidden to cross for both of them. Wolves of the West and Wolves of the East had been living in hostility with each other for years and even for centuries. They trapped each other, robbed and abused each other. The Wolves of the West, like the Wolves of the East, considered themselves the sole owner of the Forestland and did not want to share their already impoverished and poor possessions with another legion. The older generation of wolves always forbade their children to communicate with the wolves of the hostile camp and set them up against hateful neighbors.

Somehow, it happened that the cubs of the leaders of the warring camps became friends and often ran away from home in spite of their parents ban in order to spend free time together. Once they walked away from home as usual but suddenly got lost. Looking for a way to home, the brawlers encountered a wonderful Valley full of watering holes, fruit trees and unusual flowers. Moreover, the soil was much more fertile there than in their Motherland. Returning to Forestland, they immediately told their relatives about their incredible godsend. They did not think that the fight between the two flocks for a wonderful lawn would make their lives more unbearable.

At dawn, both flocks of wolves, packing things, went to settle new fertile territories.

Along the way, a flock of frenzied and wild hyenas, who also claimed the Valley, attacked them. Realizing that they were not able to overcome hyenas alone, the West Wolves and the East Wolves teamed up for the common efforts and finally they got a victory. The hyenas acknowledged their own worthlessness and left the wolves and their amazing Valley.

Two flocks left their grudges in Forestland. In a new place, they lived in absolute harmony and respect to each other. The new stream no longer served them as a dividing strip, and the wolf-cubs could play together as much as they like.

Moral of the story.
No man is an island. No wolf is a warrior.

November 2, 2019

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