‘Nocturnal Animals’

(film review)

Susan has her own gallery, a handsome husband and a luxurious home. But one day a woman receives from her ex-spouse, whom she divorced a long time ago, an unpublished book, which she begins to read with interest.

What she finds in the pages of the novel brings Susan back to the past and begins to influence her life. The first thing to note is that the film is incredibly stylish. If other directors have to hone their skills for years and many meters of spent film tape and develop their own unique handwriting with sweat and blood (which only a few manage in the end), then Tom Ford managed in his second film to create an amazing form of material presentation, which is not only remembered, but and penetrates somewhere under the skin of the viewer, staying there for a long time (for example, I still have not let go).

The director’s first film, if anything, was ‘A Single Man’ starring Colin Firth, which also had a good rating. Each character turned out to be important, charismatic and significant, even if it plays a secondary role in the plot. Each scene turned out to be bright and many of them are memorable. Each remark is worthy of looking for a second and third meaning in it, as well as trying to disassemble it from the point of view of psychology. Filmed very cool! The atmosphere of the film turned out to be incredibly attractive, mesmerizing and amazing. At the same time, the film may seem boring to someone at times. In general, it will appeal to those for whom the aesthetics of the story is at the forefront.

My rating for ‘Noctural Animals’ is 8.5/10.

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