Non-fiction is Leading

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”

We used to divide books into two large groups: educational literature and fiction. Fiction was for pleasure (or for school), and educational manuals are for knowledge (or for school too). Now the non-fiction is overtaking these genres. Today, fiction serves as an educator of the aesthetic course. And textbooks are needed for narrow specialists.

Instead of textbooks today, readers’ choice falls on non-fiction literature. Of course, such a genre is not a substitute for scientific literature. But many non-fiction books do better than textbooks. If you need to get acquainted with this issue, then this is interesting. The textbooks have a lot of detailed information. Non-fiction is distinguished by the presence of practical cases and the brevity of information. Books often contain stories from the author, jokes, historical examples or stories from life. Such books are easy to read, and therefore suitable for everyone. Now the non-fiction genre is ahead of both works of art and simple instructional ones.

We have television shows, series, and film adaptations of novels. We do not need to read 18th-century books to learn about the 18th century. Just go to Wikipedia, on YouTube, or download the series for the evening. I hope that people will be interested in modern fiction and fan fiction. The pleasure that you get from a good novel or story cannot be compared with any series, film, and even a razzle-dazzle TV show. However, it is necessary for a quick-changing world. In my opinion, high-quality fiction books are the best teachers (surely, after the real life). So, dear students, don`t forget to buy a new hard-cover fiction book for your weekend. As once said M. Scmich, “Reading is a discount ticket to everywhere!”

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