Nostalgia Versus Happiness

Summer is Going On

(opinion article)

I had never been to Prague but after visiting it, I felt nostalgia. I had such impression that I had already strolled along the streets of this ‘museum under the open sky’ city. Foaming beer, eccentric absinthe, great boar knee….and a chasing déjà vu feeling.

In Vilnius, there was the same story. Ancient bell towers, historic cobblestones streets, olden castles and the feeling of haunting  déjà vu.

Maybe, I have seen all these touristic attractions in some mass media outlets, my dreams, my visions… Maybe, it was imprinted in my genetic memory…Maybe, it is a kind of nirvana, limbo and déjà vu mixture. You see, while seeing something new, I started meditating and thinking that I had already forgotten it but I had dreamed about it in the former times…

At the same time, trying to restore the whole touristic picture in these two cities, I cannot but notice a lot of happy and jolly moments. In both cases, there were a lot of cheery trip mates with a gorgeous gift of gab, funny moments connected with night city tours, the joint search of those simpletons who got lost not leaving the hotels…

The happy moments are too precious to ignore them. They are to be encouraged, cherished and even worshiped.

So, the summer is going on. Instead of thinking about the connection between a touristic trip, nostalgia, déjà vu, and even meditation, it is better to concentrate on the numerous pluses of art therapy, which you could eyewitness in numerous European and Asian museums. Instead of behaving like a whimsy trouble seeker, it is better to look forward to feeling the aroma of the open sea, the flavor of the mountain lawns and the scent of the dense forest. Nobody could overestimate the extremely positive effect of nature therapy.

Therefore, don`t waste your time, put on your backpack, fasten up your trekking boots and hurry up to fly beyond the new touristic horizons! The summer is going on!

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