Oh, Sweet School Years…

(Humorous story)

On Chernobyl Memorial Day it was cloudy a little bit, but sometimes sun worked its way through the clouds. Our class went to the memorial of Chernobyl disaster. There were all high school students from other schools. We were standing around the memorial and listened to the narrator that told us about Chernobyl disaster. Of course, nobody listened to her.

But the time to put the flowers to the memorial came. My classmates and me went to memorial with some flowers. The memorial had a shape of something like kernel. And we should have bend over big arc to put flowers. So I put it and was on my way back. I returned and just having heard a muted sound. And I saw my classmate Amina that laid on the ground. After she put her flowers to the memorial, she turned back and hit her head against the arc. Even the hoop split from the impact. All of us were astonished. We started to raised she but… She stood up and hit head again. That day she got a big bruise…Frankly, I couldn`t stop laughing. We helped her on her feet and took away. Honestly, at that moments all our class was laughing because it was really very funny. For Amina that hitting wasn`t the first. Two years ago she fell off the horizontal bar. So we took her away with loud laughing. Of course it isn`t amusing story but we have remembered it and, laugh more and more each time when we chew the fat about it with my friends and relatives.

Oh, sweet school years…

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