Olet tervetullut to Helsinki

(touristic article)

Quiet, deserted, speaks in whispers only to you. You know, he’s always happy for you, like a grandmother waiting for her grandchildren.

It has its own time, its own rhythm and its own little joy of a leisurely life. Here you will not see skyscrapers, traffic jams and other side effects of big cities. After all, the city, although it is the capital, is quite small.

If you are a tourist, you can forget about public transport. You can get to all attractions by your feet. There is no need to use public transport here. Walk from the port a little straight, turn left – well, now you`re on the square. But not yet the main one.

On a weekend morning, the inhabitants of Helsinki organize Hietalahti Market.

This is a flea market where you can look for something interesting. From antique furniture to figures of hippos from Kinder Surprise. There are many attributes of Soviet times and porcelain-which was saved for a special occasion, but a special occasion so, probably, did not come.

If you want to visit this place, it is better to come as early as possible. So there is a greater chance to snatch something special.

We go up farther into the city. The streets remine  St. Petersburg. Geometric clarity of lines and rigor. You can’t get lost here.

Just 20 minutes of leisurely walking and we are on the main square. There are few tourists here. Silently. Even one of the main mandatory places to visit is the Chapel of Silence.

Kampin kappeli

From the outside, it looks like a shell. Go inside and you’ll hear your heartbeat. Bush-bush-bush. The Chapel is made in a way that when you go inside you feel like you are in a vacuum. Like nothing is happening. Like your life has stopped.

We go to the main square — it`s also called Kampin.

Here is the largest shopping center Stockmann. It is interesting because it houses a store dedicated to Moomin trolls. Here you can find everything with these fun creatures – from magnets to furniture. Right on the square is the railway station. And many, many tram tracks. Almost like near the Kontraktova square metro station. But trams here go new.

From the square you can go to the port. Don’t be afraid that you will turn the wrong way. Here all roads lead either to the main square or to the port. In the worst case, you will find yourself in a cozy coffee shop. In the worst case, you`ll meet someone from the local area.

By the way, about the residents of Helsinki. In a friendly city, there are friendly people. Here people smile at you on the streets and are always happy to tell you the right way. In stores, they will start a dialogue with you — they are interested in where you are from, and whether you like Helsinki.

It is definitely worth coming here. The famous Finnish proverb says, “Rohkea rokan syö.” It means, “Fortune favors the brave.”  For the sake of exhaling. For the sake of hew horizons. In order to feel that there is really no need to rush anywhere.

Therefore, if you are a brave person, take your backpack and fly there, “Rohkea rokan syö.”

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