One day in my life


Everyone has already been waiting for the New Year because it’s time for gifts and hot tea with watching the cult movie “One at Home.”

Usually, my day starts with University video lessons. I listen to Professors and Lecturers, do my homework and so the first half of the day flies by. Then I either surf the net at my computer or find some time to relax with friends.

One day it all started that way, but then I waited for my sister from school because we had a joint task — we decided to decorate our room in New Year’s style. Together, we got sparkling toys, shining Christmas ball, gorgeous garlands. After that we turned on the music and began to transform our room into the place of Christmas spells. For three long hours, we decorated everything at sight, quarreled bit and reconciled during the work, went for a snack, and quarreled again, but it didn’t matter because the main thing was that we did it! We decorated the whole hall-room! And that’s exactly what my sister and I did.

In the evening, everyone was at home; we decided to watch the cartoon ‘Polar Express’, and both our parents and I laughed. Then we watched ‘Ivan Tsarevich and the gray wolf”! We watch this cartoon every year because it inspires us in a good mood. Besides, while doing it, we always eat tangerines brought by Dad as if we were peeling seeds.

This is my day, though my sister thinks that that is her day too, both of us think that whatever we do, family and leisure time is a must, as it is necessary for better life and productivity, good mood and happiness!

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