One passion, one skill

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I want to … make a breakthrough! The surprisingly simple law of phenomenal success.

Papazan Jay

Take a closer look at the history of any outstanding success, and you will definitely see ONE thing in it. It manifests itself in the life of any successful professional. It can be seen in personal addictions, hobbies, and skills. Each of us has hobbies and skills, but outstanding personalities can distinguish one striking property or skill – the most defining and motivating qualities.

Defining the line between passion and skill is not easy. This is because they are closely interconnected. One of the most famous American impressionist painters, Paul Matthews, said that he turned his passion for painting into a skill, and then into a profession, creating a picture every day. The most famous Italian guide Angelo Amorico says that he perfected his art and turned it into a profession from a deep sense of love for his homeland, which he wanted to convey to others. This is how stories of outstanding achievements evolve. Passion for something makes you devote more time to studying this subject than others. This contributes to increased skill and improved results. And since better results bring more pleasure, passion increases, as does the time that is devoted to it.

Running is the only passion of Gilbert Tuabonier, an American stayer born in Burundi. He became the champion of Burundi in the 400 and 800 meters, while still a schoolboy. And this only passion saved his life.

On October 21, 1993, the school where Gilbert studied was captured by Hutu warriors. All Tutsi students who were not killed immediately were brutally beaten and burned alive in a nearby building. Gilbert had spent nine hours under the charred corpses of his comrades before he managed to escape from his executioners and hide in a nearby hospital. He was the only one who managed to survive. Gilbert came to Texas and continued to compete. He was admitted to Ebiline University, while studying in which he six times became the winner of national competitions. After graduating from university, he settled in Austin, where he is unanimously considered the most popular running coach. Gilbert participated in the creation of the Gazelle Foundation, an organization that finances the drilling of artesian wells in Burundi. And the main source of funds for it is the sponsors of the “Water Run” – charity city competitions that are held on the streets of Austin. Feel how the theme of running permeates his whole life?

Gilbert Tubonier’s passion for running turned into a profession, and over time, he allowed him to contribute to charity programs for his native country. The smile with which he meets his jogging friends around Lake Austin Lake Ladybird symbolizes the only hobby that turns into the only skill that together illuminates and defines the meaning of an outstanding life.

ONE thing is always noticeable in successful people because it is a fundamental truth. It manifested in me and, with your permission, may manifest in you. To apply ONE thing to your life and work is the simplest and smartest solution that will give you acceleration on the path to success.

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