One Soul for Two Bodies

(Love story)

It happened several years ago.  Summer, a wellness camp, scorching sun, and a bunch of teenagers enjoying life and coming for a vacation.  It was July, the month of the fateful meeting of two hearts.  They were sixteen, naive, but so sincere that they found each other among thousands of other people ….. They were different and it was obvious… They were on the same wavelength and never parted during the whole of their stay in the camp.  Others would say that such feelings quickly fade out and it would not last  forever.  It was not about them.  However, the final day came and they flew away in different directions. With tears on cheeks and with wounded hearts… She left the camp and Him…forever.  They failed to find each other, though they had tried hard for two years.  One day, while on vacation in the same city, she decided to brush up on her memory of her teenage years…She took a bus and went to her camp.  She remembered everything – July, summer, camp…. and her Honey guy!!! He was there! On the same wooden bench in a pine park!  It wasn’t the end. It was a happy beginning! Once again they took the hands of each other, once again their hearts beat in unison…In a while, there were two weddings -one in her native city and the second in his small village. Now they have ONE SOUL for TWO BODIES…

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