Online-learning in Ukraine

(op-ed article)

Since the pandemic, Ukrainians have become well-informed about distance learning types. Now the application market allows us to choose one of many programs to work “from home.
It is very convenient and safe for all participants of the process. Let’s consider all the pros and cons:


1) Flexible schedule Distance learning programs don’t require you to be physically present in a class, so you can be whenever you want and listen to lectures at one time! Can you imagine that?

2) Multitasking Many students who take online classes have a full-time job. They come home from work and watch records for doing tasks later but with the same efficiency. It allows them to earn some money and pay for their degrees.

3) Forget about the boundaries! Since you can complete a distance-learning course, you can choose any school that offers the program you want no matter where it’s located (somewhere in your country or even abroad).

4) Get educated even with a tight budget Online education helps you to save on costs like books, fuel, tickets, hotel booking (or living in campus), and more. You spend less than for a traditional program.

5) Accessibility Distance-learning programs allows to submit assignments via websites, social media and participating in online forums to interact with professors and classmates on a day-to-day basis, so you can have more useful contacts than your ‘’offline’’ mates.


1) Quality in question Despite its popularity and growth, some people may question the validity of the distance education. The biggest reason for this prejudice is the fear of “information charlatans.” The only way to beat this bias is to make sure you earn your online degree from a properly accredited institution.

2) Not enough student accountability The temptation to procrastinate is still possible because you’re on a self-composed schedule. You have to stay focused, disciplined, and motivated to complete a course.

3) Being overwhelmed by the material Distance learning is self-directed. This may not work very well for you if you need more attention and time from the coach. It is also worth considering the risks: poor communication, teacher requirements, availability of material records, a form of exams (online or offline).

4) Lack of individual attention and feedback Online classes can make you feel isolated. You may lose important social skills and feel anxious because of it. Low motivation can also ruin your chances of having a good career path.

5) Missing campus life Don’t forget about the frustration. You need to consider carefully what is more important to you: your job or memories of carefree student times. It will be difficult to match.

Thus, the e-learning at home is a new form of knowledge acquisition. We cannot say whether it will ever replace traditional learning, but it won’t disappear from the trends soon. Good luck in surfing!

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